The Annals of Representation Theory is a diamond open access electronic international research journal. It is dedicated to publishing top quality original research articles in the general area of contemporary representation theory, including its algebraic, geometric and combinatorial aspects. 

There is no fee for authors, and there is immediate open access to published papers. 

The journal was founded in 2022, and it is owned and published by NTNU. The web-publisher is Centre Mersenne. The journal is run by and for mathematicians.


Upcoming issue

Introduction from Editors-in-Chief

The nil-Brauer category

A class of finite-by-cocommutative Hopf algebras

Fibrewise stratification of group representations

Accepted papers

Diagrammatics for real supergroups                                                 
Samchuck-Schnarch, Saima; Savage, Alistair

Content systems and deformations of cyclotomic KLR algebras of type A and C
Evseev, Anton; Mathas, Andrew

Strictly atomic modules in definable categories 
Prest, Mike

Koszul duality for Coxeter groups
Riche, Simon; Vay, Cristian